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About the stats

Recording info: Data and charts updated every 5 minutes. All times are Pacific. Daily and weekly resolution is 5 minutes, monthly is 30 minutes. Gaps in the charts either signify server downtime or issues with the updater script. Populated servers count includes full servers (they overlap on the graph though).

The tech behind the data: Scripts run from Co from the Linode datacenter in Newark, NY. Server time is in UTC, but the graphs are rendered in Pacific time (PST/PDT). Stats are recorded and graphed with RRDtool. The script that fetches the stats and runs RRDtool is written in Python 3.x and uses a custom library to interact with the Hawken servers to fetch the server list data used to derive the stats from. Each update the script with make a series of attempts spaced apart to retrieve the data from the servers, to help keep the chart working through periods where the Hawken servers are acting up/under heavy load.

UPDATE: Over time this graph has had a lot of issues. The wider the data period, the worse the rounding (eg yearly shows a max in the 4k range, when real peak was 5k). Therefore, DO NOT USE THE NUMBERS AS ABSOLUTE. They are only valid for relative comparison. Gaps in the charts are due to server issues on the graph's end. Missing/misnamed regions and gametypes are due to RRDtool's inability to edit database fields.

For more information, contact Ashfire908.


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If you have any questions about this page or the data here, please contact Ashfire908 at ashfire908@ashfire908.com, or on IRC at irc.quakenet.org #hawkenscrim.